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How to import Large MySQL database to Godaddy Site

may be you try to import your large database on godaddy phpmyadmin and get this error :
You attempted to load file with unsupported compression (application/zip). Either support for it is not implemented or disabled by your configuration.

Here The Solution and the steps to import this Mysql Database :

1. You must have SQL-based dump of the database you are going to import

i advice you to zip this file to reduce its size .

2. Open Your FTP program and upload this file to _db_backups you can find this folder on the root .

3. Now Login To Hosting Control Center for your site

  • Go to Content -> File Manager then to _db_backups directory you will find the zip file you upload using ftp
  • unarchive this file you will get the file mydatabase.sql
  • Go the the Databases > MySQL tab and find the appropriate database (mydatabase).
  • Click on Actions on your database you want to import this file to (“Details , Backup ,Restore “) .
    Import Large MYSQL Database to Godaddy
  • Then in Restore Backup Screen Select the file you upload before to _db_backups folder mydatabase.sql
    after This your database will be in a  Pending Restore mode until the SQL file has been imported. But once the database import is done, all your data should be ready and available.

Please note : Godaddy use this folder ” _db_backups” to store your database backups

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