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How to Reuse Floppy Disks

3 cool Things You can make from floppy Disks
Mario Pixel Art Using Floppy Disk crafts
1.Make Mario Pixel art Using Floppy Disks

One of the beautiful floppy disk craft ideas is to make some 8-bit characters Using Floppy Disks
use Mario Pixel Map provided to make your own Mario Floppy

Mario Pixel Map Using Floppy Disks
space invider crafts with floppy disks

2.Floppy Disk Craft Space Invader 8-bit
Floppy Disk Laptop Desk cooler
3.Floppy Disk Laptop Desk/Stand
Using 82 floppy disks Create your Laptop Desk  


7 Cool Things You Can Make From Floppy Disks

Turning old Floppy Disks  into creative craft projects .

When was the last time you even used a floppy disk !!
If you have a old floppy disks, don’t throw them away you can make something useful from them here 7 ideas and if you have any idea to use them in  creative craft projects please share them with us ” leave us a comment “.

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